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22nd Traditional Summer Linguistics School in Narva-Jõesuu, Estonia

We’re happy to announce that the 22nd Traditional Summer Linguistics School for high school students this year will again be held in Narva-Jõesuu, Estonia, with approximate dates scheduled as July 7—19, 2023.

This year our summer school is planned to be held according to the same model that proved successful in the last 2 consequent years, after the covid break, that is we expect most participants to be from various countries of Europe, and the official language of the event will be English. The programme of the school is planned to be a mixture of what earlier used to be International Youth Language Festival and the Traditional Summer Linguistics school, which means that courses on different fields of modern linguistics will go along with short courses of different languages of the world. Classes on solving linguistic problems are also programmed. The courses will be taught by professional linguists and university teachers from Estonia, Israel, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria etc., the exact list and programme to be confirmed closer to the event.

The potential audience of the school is high school and early University students at the approximate age range between 14 and 20 but we tend to accept as listeners everyone with a true passion for linguistics. We’re especially aiming at participants of national olympiads in linguistics but of course not disregarding the kids who just have natural interest in languages and science.

The venue will be, as usual, hostel Laine (7/9 tn., 29002 Narva-Jõesuu, Estonia), with the price of 690 euro including accommodation, meals and the transfer from Tallinn and back. One day excursion to Tartu or Tallinn is also scheduled.

The preliminary deadline for applications is April 30.

We’re waiting for your applications in a free format to be sent to olevi26@gmail.com.

You may also contact us at +34664427197 (also WhatsApp and Telegram).

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